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Jewar- A Blue Pottery Inspiration

Someone said it truly... 'One never forgets their first love'.

We started TIC in 2020, being an Indian Industrial designer, I adored products in different crafts and wanted to do something with traditional crafted products. In the initial days of exploring different crafts, in one of my visits to Jaipur, I happened upon the Blue Pottery village known as 'Kot Jewar'. I explored the products, craftsmen and the process of making beautiful masterpieces. I bet, you will fall in love with the craft if you see the process and craftsmanship that goes behind it.

Blue pottery was one of the first few crafts we started with. Unfortunately, being a small startup at that time and frankly because of lack of expertise in handling a logistics of breakables, we as a brand decided to discontinue the products for the while.

Gradually but strongly we landed onto the fabric crafts sector and made it our strength. For me, handwoven, handloom & hand printing become my second love.

But as I said - one never forgets their first love.

So, here at TIC we decided to dedicate our next range of apparels to the village of 'Kot Jewar'. The designs, colors and style of detailing is inspired by blue pottery.

We hope that this collection will make you fall in love with this craft, just like us! This collection is our homage to Kot Jewar.

The Inspiration

An Ode to Blue Pottery, the collection pays homage to Kot Jewar, a village from Rajasthan known for its blue art pottery. The term ‘Blue Pottery ‘ originated from the startling blue Persian colour used to dye the ceramic. Even though Blue Pottery is blue, in recent times more and more colours like green, turquoise, brown, yellow are coming into use.

In this collection, we have used the traditional motifs of blue pottery to make the craft more relevant to everyday life. This is our effort to acknowledge the creativity and artistic skills of the people of Rajasthan.

We have fallen in love with this craft while designing this range yet again. 
Let's fall in love together!

- The founder -TIC

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